A New Personality in the Fifth Dimension

Dear Readers,

You can bethink that I declared our nafs become an “ego” if “reason” comes into play, which is a cerebration apparatus and has an adeptness to assay and synthesize, as I explained the fourth ambit of our existence. We alleged it “personality” as it beheld externally. Moreover, afterwards a getting has personality, he has the befalling to present his own contributed by his account and decisions. Thereby, he has abrogating or absolute responses according to the adjustment or battle of his will with the others. However, it is absolutely altered aural the fifth dimension, which is the maturation ambit of a human, because the beastly gave up getting accountable to his will (the desires, wishes, whims, and allowances of his nafs) voluntarily, is surrendered and accountable to Allah’s will (wishes and desires of Allah (swt)).

# The Absolute Muslim

When we bethink the analogue of Islam as “being surrendered and accountable to Allah (swt) Who created aggregate out of annihilation and is different and has no ally or assistants”, it is bright that the analogue becomes absolute alone aural “mature person” in the fifth dimension. That’s why, the getting in fifth ambit is a absolute Muslim who is surrendered to Allah’s will totally.

Dear Readers, the a lot of important affection of personality or ego (a nafs accepting reason) is that it can actualize new account by analyses and syntheses, accomplish interpretations and yield new decisions by adjudging on assertive subjects, and accepting assessment and will (intention) consequently.

# The a lot of characteristic affection of the personality is its abandon

The a lot of important and characteristic affection of ego or personality is the chargeless will. A getting puts alternating his own decisions and wishes acquired by allegory and synthesizing, and tries to argue everybody of these wishes. He tries to aphorism everything.

The “will” appears in the affection as desires and wishes of the nafs at first. These desires and wishes may be simple arising from the needs of the physique or a aftereffect of a complicated amalgam based on continued and aerial affairs of the person. The desires are alleged claimed desires, opinions or wills if they are verbalized.

# The getting at the fourth ambit cannot be adored from the airy discomforts

A getting with a “personality” of fourth ambit conflicts with abounding humans on some occasions with his will because the wishes that a getting sets out for his nafs are about composed of the things others don’t wish for their nafs. Of course, accepted allowances are exceptional. Humans are affiliated to anatomy a accumulation if they accept accepted benefits. They don’t accept conflicts of absorption in the accumulation again but battle of absorption appear amid groups. The humans who cannot canyon the fourth ambit cannot escape from airy ache due to the assertive conflicts of absorption consistent from selfishness.

However, the complete getting in the fifth ambit doesn’t accept such “ego” problems because he gave up his will voluntarily and became accountable to Allah’s will (desires and wishes).

# Disappearance of the ego

His nafs is now antiseptic from beastly attributes (desires and wishes) a lot of of which are composed of beastly and accustomed desires and adapted with chastity that Allah (swt) ordered by casual through Allah’s training. Addition words, his claimed will resulted from his ego abolished in Allah’s will. This date is alleged “fanaa” (vanishing) date or “fana fillah” (vanishing in Allah). Now a getting in this ambit doesn’t accept an “ego” based on passion, acrimony and claimed allowances as he had in the fourth dimension.

[General advice is all-important here. “Vanishing in Allah (swt)” is emblematic and agency dematerialization the person’s desires consistent from his nafs in the desires of Allah (swt). Allah cannot be access in annihilation or annihilation can be access in Allah (swt). These actualization accord to the creatures and Allah (swt) is excluded.]

Vanishing the ego agency vanishing the adulation and addiction of apple composed of desires and wishes of nafs in the heart.

# A getting cannot be egocentric afterwards ego

The complete beastly is not egocentric as his ego disappeared. You will never attestant arrogance in any of his works. If you accept to allotment something with him, he behaves deservedly or he grants you with his rights. If you try to yield something from him, he gives it to you as a present. It is simple and affable to get forth with those kinds of humans for a getting in anniversary position. They don’t allege humans because they are not selfish. If you accomplish a mistake, they will absolve you immediately. They are not afterwards added people’s accouterments because they are not in seek for backing to amuse their own nafs. Therefore, they are not anxious or greedy.

The complete humans frequently assume like such bodies “devoid of personality” evidently as they don’t accept an humanistic ego. These humans who accord up their allowances for added humans and absorb their appurtenances and time for others, are advised as fool or brainless because of their peacefulness, mercy, patience, and trust. “Aptal” (fool or stupid) in Turkish was acquired from “ebdal” which is acclimated for the humans with adulation of Allah (swt) in Tasawwuf terminology.

# They are not brainless or ones bare of personality

Dear readers, in absolute they are not brainless or fools, but they accept an new all-powerful personality. They are just in addition dimension. It is like the transformation of a butterfly from an beastly caterpillar bistro annihilation it finds into a admirable butterfly that carries acidity from flowers.

As a caterpillar adapted into a butterfly, the beastly in the fifth dimension, who is escalated in the acceptation ambit by casual through a transformation period, is now chargeless from the beastly characteristics. He now represents “maturity attributes of an angel” that never leaves the abundant will of Allah (swt) by acceptable behavior of Allah. It is the new personality of the beastly who accomplished a new dimension.

# The new personality of the complete getting

In fact, they accept a added avant-garde and adult appearance, which looks stronger and clearer in their new personality than their antecedent characteristics, they had. You can attestant their change aloft their responses to inequity. You attestant how the people, who are compassionate and accommodating as abundant as accessible with adversity humans in need, get able as rocks adjoin inequities and injustices. You attestant that they barrage like lions if everybody is bashful adjoin the atrocious humans by getting abashed of their cruelty. Therefore, the humans who are abashed of Allah (Swt) accept such a address and imposing-looking that a abhorrence appears in the affection of those who met them.

The holly humans in the Turkish history were alleged as “Alperen.” “Alp” agency adventurous and “Eren” agency holly getting in added words Wali (Plural awliya). They were accommodating and merciful for those who got a raw accord but able and adventurous for the ones who were unfair. Our folk-literature has abounding belief of them. The chat “Alperen” expresses the complete and adventurous humans in the fifth dimension. If one chat is searched to ascertain our nation who served Islam for abounding years, I anticipate “Alperen” will be the best.

The new personality of the complete getting is a antiseptic and all-powerful personality able with assorted all-powerful virtues as patience, mercy, amends that getting can be accomplished alone by “the absolute faith” in the fifth dimension, which cannot be compared to greedy, grasping, and bad personality of the antecedent dimensions.

Be entrusted to Allah.